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Distributed by EDEL in all the italian music stores - Listening and promo point at MONDADORI Multicenter in Milano - Web and mobile Digital worldwide distribution

Top Records
Record Company
To become or to go on being a NUMBER ONE in Italy and abroad contact us. TOP RECORDS historically known italian music label searces for and realizes the best project for you.
TOP RECORDS has worldwide partnerships.
Dingo Music
Publishing Co.
Advertissement & Film Music
Dingo Music selects for You brand new never edited songs and of every genre. Dingo Music, that has on its active also a WINNING FIRST CLASSIFIED SONG AT THE SANREMO FESTIVAL, rappresents editorial catalogues and it is rappresented in various nations. Authors, song writers, singers contact us and send a demo of Your songs.
Productions - Management
SMOKING productions have done many successfull productions in Italy and abroad and it takes care of our artistical productions and managements.

Singing Academy

Top Records Singing Academy teaches to sing in different genres from pop, musical, jazz and classic singing on international levels.


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